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Our People

Our People.
Antonine is governed by a board of directors which are made up of volunteers, carers and service users.  The board also have 6 monthly professional directorship contracts for those who may bring some professional input into the board. Service users also have focus group ran by a staff member which gathers information to feed back into the board meeting. This is held approx. twice a year.

The management committee (board of directors) employ a manager and 2 senior day centre officers to oversee the day to day running of the organisation. The management team employ a team of support workers working a range of hours from 15/20/30 and 40 hours per week to support the service users in their pursuit of reaching their personal outcomes.Antonine also has an administrator, finance worker and caretaker.

Antonine have volunteers who are passionate about the service we provide. We have a cook who volunteers 5 days a week. A general volunteer who also volunteers 5 days a week, he will arrange shopping, collect food delivery, drive bus when necessary as well as stock control. We have several volunteers on the youth group who assist in the day to day running of activities, programmes and outings.


Antonine currently has a capacity for 25 service users per day set by the care inspectorate. Antonine has responsibility for staffing this to the appropriate levels to care for the individual need on that day. Service users who attend Antonine have a physical disability/ learning disability or both. A physical disability could be, for example;

•    Parkinson’s
•    MS
•    Stroke
•    Motor neurons
•    Cerebral Palsy

A learning disability could be, for example;

•    ADHD
•    Non-verbal learning disability
•    Auditory Processing Disorder (ASD)