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Our Vision/Mission


The service is user-led with an emphasis on empowerment, continuous development of both the service, staff and its users. It aims to empower those with disabilities through its presence and support while engaging with the wider community through joined-up working.


Through Antonine we provide a modern and unique day service which fits the needs of people with disabilities and/or complex needs and/or learning disabilities that live in their own homes. Providing a timetable of activities both within the Antonine and the community aiming to make living with long term conditions easier through increased education, exercise and therapies. In the future it is likely that “antonine” will become a building based “hub” with most service users being encouraged to participate in their own communities.

Aims and Objectives

  • To promote the rights of those with disabilities with referrals from statuatory bodies or self funding..
  • To provide a service which meets the needs of individuals through a programme that targets health, education, socialisation and continuous self-development, ensuring we have a positive impact on all who access.
  • Antonine Court will not discriminate or allow others to discriminate.

This policy applies to all service users / prospective users, employees, volunteers, visitors, carers, families and all relevant others who may network with the agency.

  • The service will at all times strive to meet the National Care Standards (support services) through the promotion of:-
  • Dignity
  • Privacy
  • Choice
  • Safety
  • Realising Potential
  • Equality & Diversity
  • All staff will be qualified to the post held while participating in continuous personal / professional development, ensuring they have the required skills to provide the best possible service to use
  • We promote a holistic view of users and therefore provide support to families and carers; a crisis intervention programme exists whereby additional support mechanisms can be implemented where necessary.
  • Provide an open and transparent complaints procedure which ensures your comments, concerns and complaints are taken seriously.
  • To provide good communication within the agency and adequate support to those who need specialised help / equipment i.e. induction loop and British Sign Language (BSL) and specialised I.T software and adaptations so that no-one’s equality is compromise.

To provide, and encourage and assist others to provide, social, recreational and educational facilities and support structures for people with disabilities and carers of such disabled persons living or working in Glasgow. To advance the welfare of people with disabilities of all ethnic backgrounds by providing assessments, advice and support and a coordinating function with local employers and training and welfare organisations with a view to assisting such persons in obtaining paid employment. To liaise with, and assist, statutory authorities and voluntary organisations engaged in advancing the welfare of disabled persons and carers of disabled persons.