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Self Direct Support

What is Self Directed Support (SDS)?

Self-directed support is about you being in control of the support you need to live the life you want, your way. It offers choice, flexibility and control over the support when you need it.

You may also hear it also being described as “Personalisation”, “Direct Payments” or”individual budgets”. It’s about giving you more control over your life and the way you want to live it.

Who is eligible for Self Directed Support?

To find out if you are eligible you can contact your local social work office/care manager to discuss and arrange an assessment of your care needs.

If you have had an assessment of your care needs and have been assessed as needing services, you are very likely to be eligible for Self Directed Support.

How does it work?

This assessment will identify the help and care you need to live your life successfully and to keep you healthy and safe. This will involve you and your care manager, and may also involve others in your life such as family and friends.

Following this assessment you will be allocated a personal budget which will indicate how much money may be available to allow you to begin planning your support.

There are different ways in how you can arrange to manage your budget and your support:

  • You may choose to manage this yourself or with the help of family or friends. (this makes you an employer)
  • You may choose to have your support managed by a provider such as GCIL.
  • You may choose your local authority/care manager to manage support best to your needs.
  • Or have a mixture of the above.


An excellent site to visit is;


Giving you helpful advice on how to get started and how you can use your budget.