About Antonine

Who We are.

We, at Antonine Court are a standalone centre, our main ethos is providing a person-centred approach to supporting individuals who utilise the service and seeing beyond disabilities with a unique family friendly feel.

Antonine Court has been established for more than 30 years and is a centre of excellence in its field. The staff shared vision of providing the highest level of care and support to educate and enable those adults with varying abilities and their families to reach their full potential within their own goals and aspirations.

We are a day resource based in Drumchapel, Glasgow. We provide a safe nurturing environment using a holistic and therapeutic approach and focus on enabling everyone to reach their own potential whilst keeping it fun. We offer a timetable of activities which is tailored around individuals’ outcomes.


What we do

Our Staff We have qualified staff trained in advances autistic spectrum condition (ASC) methodologies; therapeutic one-to-one interventions; vestibular proprioception and intensive one-to-one interactions. We strive to improve attention, promote two-way interaction with active listening and communications that encourage honesty, and always promote respect and work in a dignified manner. We work in partnership with the individual their carers and other agencies to identify and set clear outcomes. While also working in synergy with a variety of community-based projects that are suitable and inclusive to the needs of those who use and enjoy our service.

While in partnership working with carers, families, and other support agencies, we bi-annually re-view their set achievable outcomes. We view all activities as purposeful and use the interests of those attending the centre to holistically build skills through imaginative approaches, while encouraging and responding in a way that promotes functional communication.