About Antonine

Who We are


At Antonine Court, we provide person-centered care in a family-friendly atmosphere, looking beyond disabilities. For over 30 years, we've been a center of excellence, supporting adults with diverse abilities to achieve their goals through a holistic approach.

What we do

Our qualified staff specialises  in ASD methodologies, therapeutic interventions, and intensive one-to-one interactions. We focus on improving attention, promoting honest and respectful communication, and working with carers and agencies to set and review clear outcomes bi-annually.

We collaborate with community projects to ensure inclusivity, using service users' interests to build skills and promote functional communication through imaginative approaches.

We focus on a holistic person-centred approach with all service users and offer a wide range of activities which are based and tailored around individual outcomes.

·       Health and wellbeing

·       Educational

·       Social interaction

·       Intense interaction

·       Realising individuals’ potential


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