How we can help

Those who use our service require various levels of support within many aspects of their daily living. While with us, they benefit from taking part in both individual 1 to 1, and group-based activities.

These activities are tailored to each person's individual needs based on what level and type of support is required. 


We have qualified staff trained in advanced autistic spectrum condition (ASC) methodologies; therapeutic one-to-one interventions; vestibular proprioception and intensive one-to-one interactions.

We strive to improve attention, promote two way interaction with active listening and communication that encourage honesty, always promote respect ad work in a dignified manner. We work in partnership with the individual, their carers and other agencies to identify and set clear outcomes, while also working in sinergy with a variety of community-based projects that are suitable and inclusive to the needs of those who use and enjoy our service.

Group-activitiesOne-to-one session

While in partnership working with carers, families and other support agencies, we bi-annualy review their set achievable outcomes. We view all activities as purposeful and use the interests of those attending the centre to holistically build skills through imaginative approaches while encouraging and responding in a way that promotes functional communication.


At Antonine our facilities include:

  • Large Main Hall
  • Hydrotherapy Spa Bath
  • Sensory Room, which is also available for hire
  • Rebound Therapy with Full sized Olympic Trampoline
  • 5 Well-equipped designated areas for either group or individual participation
  • 2 Mini buses

We also have a state-of-the-art Dolby Atmos 9 1.4 Immersive surround sound system experience connected to a 75-inch smart interactive touch screen, which is also a whiteboard for service users to interact with and be involved in active experiential learning.


We run a number of individual of group activities, including:

  • Physiotherapy and Passive Movements Sessions
  • Picture exchange communication
  • Gardening and Maintaining our Grounds
  • Digital Technologies: computing, sound beam digital music production, karaoke, with full PA system
  • Tai Chi
  • Drama workshops
  • Music classes
  • Exercise classes for all abilities
  • Literacy Classes 

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