Our vision is to ensure that we offer a holistic enabling environment that encourages the people we support, both within Antonine Court and in our wider community.  Our primary aim is to be a Centre of excellence where our staff can best support and assist those with disabilities and their families to reach their personal goals.


Our mission is to provide that excellent standard of care and attention for all people in our circle. At Antonine court, we work within the guidance parameters of the social services health and social care partnership, which is primarily underpinned by the person-centered model of care, where the individual’s human rights are respected and promoted. “I am respected and treated with dignity as an individual. I am treated fairly and do not experience discrimination. My privacy is respected.”


Antonine Court believes that every person in our care has the right to fulfil an independent lifestyle in a safe nurturing environment that offers freedom of choice, privacy, and dignity. Further to this, the care that we offer is delivered in a non-discriminatory way to ensure individuals have the right to live as full and meaningful a life as possible.